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                    +      THE ADVENTURERS      +
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                        +      Epic II      +
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+    Many of the locations, non-player characters, spells, and      +
+  other terms used in these stories are the property of TSR, Inc.  +
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+  THE PARTY:                                                       +
+                                                                   +
+  Alindyar     16th level dark elven mage                     (N)  +
+  Arnold       12th level human warrior                      (NG)  +
+  Ged          14th/14th level grey elven priest/mage        (NG)  +
+  Lyra         12th level female dark elven mage              (N)  +
+  Mongo        17th level dwarven warrior                    (CG)  +
+     Gorin     8th level dwarven warrior                     (CG)  +
+  Peldor       19th level human thief                         (N)  +
+     Bosco     10th level halfling thief                      (N)  +
+  Rillen       17th level human warrior                       (N)  +
+  Date:        1/11/575 C.Y. (Common Year)                         +
+  Time:        midday                                              +
+  Place:       the Free City of Greyhawk                           +
+  Climate:     cold                                                +
+  "The more things change, the more they stay the same."           +
+                                           - variously attributed  +

                      CCLIV.  Divergence

  Almost a week after Belphanior's second "falling out" with the
Greyhawk authorities, and mere days after the discovery of Peldor's
keep to the west of the city, other strange happenings are close
behind.  Within a booth in the Green Dragon Inn, Peldor and Bosco
are having a discussion over lunch.

Bosco:  ...and they were right.  Ged's gone!
Peldor:  Exactly _where_ did he go?
Bosco:  That's just it.  Nobody knows.  He just packed up and left
  town.  Or, should I say, his castle.  Not even Arnold knows where
  he went, much less Nenya.
Peldor:  Hmm.  (wondering if Ged's land falls under the protection
  of Greyhawk's Thieves' Guild, he decides that it most likely
  doesn't)  Hmmmmm.
Bosco:  It seems that Arnold's in charge now.
Peldor:  Hmm.  First Belphanior leaves, and now Ged.  Pretty soon,
  there won't be any of us left in Greyhawk.
Rillen:  (walks up and joins them at the table)  All too true.
Bosco:  Huh?  What're you talking about?
Rillen:  The time has come for me to journey elsewhere, for a
Peldor:  You?  Why?
Bosco:  Yeah, really?  Where would you go?
Rillen:  (looking somewhat distressed)  There is something wrong...
  at the home of the Great Master.
Bosco:  Great Master?  What Great Master?
Rillen:  Before I met you and the others, I trained for years in a
  remote monastery.  In fact, I was raised there.
Peldor:  I didn't know that.
Rillen:  Few people do.  Anyhow, something is wrong - I'm sure of
  it.  I must go there, and soon.
Bosco:  Hey, I've never met a Great Master before.  Maybe I should
  come along.
Rillen:  Absolutely not.
Bosco:  (looking disappointed)
Peldor:  Anything we can do to help?
Rillen:  Since when are you a charitable organization?
Peldor:  You never know, you might need help.
Bosco:  Yeah!  And we're the best help there is!
Rillen:  Not this time.  (stands)  I must prepare for the trip.
Bosco:  (sighs, thinking about how he'll never get to meet the
  Great Master)
Peldor:  We'll see you later, then.
Rillen:  I hope so.

  With that cryptic remark, the big warrior left the inn.  Peldor
and Bosco could only wonder what was going on.

Peldor:  I wonder what that was all about?
Bosco:  Hey, maybe if I train hard enough, _I_ can be the Great
Peldor:  (ignoring the halfling as he muss to himself)  First
  Belphanior...then Rillen.
Bosco:  That only leaves Mongo and the drow.  I wonder where the
  drow could go.
Peldor:  Oh, I'm fairly confident that Alindyar and Lyra won't be
  taking any trips anytime soon.
Bosco:  Well, then-
Mongo:  (strolls up)  Hey, how's it going?
Peldor:  Fairly well.  Yourself?
Mongo:  I'm okay.
Bosco:  So, where are _you_ heading off to?
Mongo:  How'd you know?
Bosco:  Uh...err...
Peldor:  (to Mongo)  You too, eh?  Where, and why?
Mongo:  I've spent the past days loading the wisest sages' pockets
  with gold, so I could find the best legendary armor.
Bosco:  What?
Peldor:  I don't understand.
Mongo:  When we fought that big monster, my magical armor got all
  shredded.  No one seems to have the skill to repair it, so I've
  decided to find some more armor...better fact, the
  _best_ armor!
Peldor:  The sages told you where to look?
Mongo:  Not quite.  They helped me figure out what to look for, and
  who might know where to find it.  Besides that, I'm on my own.
Bosco:  Not if you take us along with you.
Mongo:  Uh, thanks, Bosco.  I'd love to have a skilled thief like
  yourself along on this quest.  But I'm sure Peldor needs you here.
Peldor:  (perhaps sensing the wanderlust in the halfling's eyes)
  Hmm...actually, he could go, if he wants.  I've got the casino
  well in hand.
Mongo:  Is that so?  (to Bosco)  Kid, how'd you like to go with me
  to the greatest kingdom of the dwarves?  Think you'd enjoy that?
Bosco:  Yeah!  Hey, is Gorin going with us?
Mongo:  You bet.
Bosco:  All right!
Mongo:  Heh.
Peldor:  So you're leaving for awhile too.
Mongo:  Gotta do it.  I can't go into battle without the very best
  armor.  (to Bosco)  We'll leave tomorrow.
Peldor:  Hmm.  What are the odds of this happening?
Mongo:  What?
Peldor:  All of you leaving for a while.  Belphanior, Ged, Rillen,
  and you.  Four people, four quests, four different directions.
Mongo:  Story of our lives, friend, story of our lives.

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ftp: in /pub/access/dpm/rpg/stories/adventurers
notes:  You've been waiting for them.  There wasn't room in episode
  250 for them.  Yet they exist.  At long last, here they are:


  16th level drow mage
  male, 5'6", 101 lbs, black skin, white hair, violet eyes
  179 years old
  al   true neutral
  STR   9
  INT  20
  WIS  16
  DEX  17
  CON  15
  CHR  13
  COM  13
  ac   -1/2
  hp   46
  thac0 16, staff, 1-6/1-6
  permanently susceptible (-3 on saves) to paralyzation
  unaffected by 1st & 2nd level illusions
  cloak of protection +4
  infinite spellbook
  Bigby wand
  dual ring (Lyra has the other one) (ESP, protection)
  mirror of mental prowess
  bag of holding
  amulet of extension...
  4 potions
  7 glass gas globes
  Zara spellbook

Infinite Spellbook
  This book has more pages than should be physically
possible, and is capable of holding any 99 mage spells.

common spells:  anything illusionary

other:  size-alterable stone golem


  12th level drow mage
  female, 5'4", 90 lbs, black skin, white hair, pale
    violet eyes
  99 years old
  al   true neutral
  STR   7
  INT  18
  WIS  14
  DEX  16
  CON  12
  CHR  14
  COM  17
  ac    1
  hp   32
  thac0 12, dagger +5, 1-4/1-3 +5
  cloak of protection +3
  dual ring (Alindyar has the other one) (ESP, protection)
  dagger +5
  earrings of power
  boots of flying
  infinite spellbook
  blanket of warmth
  staff of striking
  crucible of melting
  2 potions of extra-healing

Infinite Spellbook
  This book has more pages than should be physically
possible, and is capable of holding any 99 mage spells.

common spells:  ESP, fly, lightning bolt, walls of fire & ice, fear,


  12th level human barbarian warrior
  male, 6'3", 270 lbs, white skin, light brown hair,
    light brown eyes
  26 years old
  al   neutral good
  STR  18/99
  INT   8
  WIS   8
  DEX  14
  CON  17
  CHR  13
  COM  14
  ac    0
  hp   90
  thac0 3, 2H sword +3, (2/1) 1-10/3-18 +10
  2-handed sword +3, Frost Brand
  dagger +2
  plate mail +3
  cloak +3
  helm of brilliance
  boots of water walking
  ring of health
  ring of proof vs. poison
  ring of protection +1
  rope of lengthiness
  holy woolen robe
  potion of water breathing
  2 potions of extra-healing
  potion of invisibility
  potion of super-heroism
  trident of ?

Ring of Health
  Renders wearer immune to any diseases and sickness
save those caused by divine sources.


  13th/14th/14th level high elf warrior/mage/thief
  male, 6"1", 117 lbs, white skin, light brown hair, black
  125 years old
  al   chaotic neutral with evil tendencies
  STR  18/09 (18/00 with gauntlets)
  INT  17
  WIS  10
  DEX  17
  CON  16
  CHR   9
  COM  10
  ac    1
  hp   70
  has permanent intimidation effect & red eyes due to potion
  thac0 2, longsword +3, (2/1) 1-8/1-12 +9
  bracers of defense ac4
  girdle of ogre power
  staff of power
  ring of wizardry
  wands:  acidic spheres, lightning, foam, fireballs, wonder
  lightning rod
  Book of Beasts
  Eye of Elik
  Dark Ring
  Trumpet of Doom
  Kiel's compass
  well of many worlds
  boots & cloak of elvenkind
  pouch of holding
  folding boat
  cube of force
  dice of chaos
  horseshoes of the zephyr
  periapt of proof vs. poison
  potion of poison
  potion of gaseous form

  CN longsword +3
  Int 17
  Ego 16
  purpose:  to suck souls
  slay foe w/soul to gain levels and full hp for [levels]
  each 3 days unfed, ego gets +1 until a killing happens
  speech & telepathy (Common + wielder's languages)
  detect souls 60'
  haste (10 rounds) 1/day
  100% resistance to charm and fear
Eye of Elik
  NE disembodied eye
  continually has:  infravision, ultravision
  upon concentrating, has:  true seeing, detect magic &
  darkness 3/day
  hold monster 1/day
  vision 1/day
  bones/exoskeleton/cartilage of opponent turned to jelly
  regeneration, 1 hp/turn
  eye glows red upon use of any power
  small fires extinguished upon use of major power
  -1 to CHR
  -3 to permanent hp total
  must have free eye socket, or gouge one
  user's alignment shifts toward evil
Book of Beasts
  Protection from Good & Evil, 10' radius when held
  Dismissal, Ensnarement, Banishment, Binding, Gate
  Monster Summoning I-VII
  all can be reused once/week apiece from the book
Dark Ring
  renders invisiblility to undead, upon concentration
  allows wearer to animate dead once/month as a 12th
  level priest
Kiel's Compass
  Upon command, will point toward a named person, place,
  or unique item
Trumpet of Doom
  Once/day, winding will summon some random undead.  The
  summoned undead are not under the control of the user

common spells:  anything destructive, stoneskin

other property/holdings:
  Angus (iron golem)
  Lao Khan's anti-magic sphere (buried in a lead box somewhere)


  6th/8th level dwarven fighter/thief
  male, 3'10", 150 lbs, light brown skin, brown hair, green eyes
  62 years old
  al   chaotic neutral
  STR  17
  INT  15
  WIS   9
  DEX  17
  CON  16
  CHR  12
  COM  10
  ac  -2/1
  hp   52
  thac0 14 (base), 10 (shortsword +3, 1-6/1-8 +4)
  leather armor +2
  ring of protection +4
  shortsword +3
  barbed knife +3, of wounding
  light crossbow +3, of accuracy
  ring of regeneration
  horseshoes of the zephyr
  potions:  extra-healing x2, invisibility, speed
  various & sundry poisons


  14th/14th level grey elf priest/mage of Boccob
  male, 5'8", 101 lbs, white skin, golden hair, green
  113 years old
  al   neutral good
  STR  11 (19 with girdle)
  INT  20
  WIS  20
  DEX  17
  CON  16
  CHR  16
  COM  16
  ac   -8
  hp   53
  thac0 5, morningstar +4, 2-7/2-8 +11
  immune to:  Cause Fear, Charm Person, Command, Friends,
    Hypnotism, et al.
  unaffected by 1st and 2nd level illusions
  Lightbringer (morningstar +4)
  elven chain mail +4
  medium shield +5
  wand of colorless fire
  wand of conjuration
  ring of water elemental command
  torus/talisman of pure good
  belt vs. normal missiles
  Boccob's Blessed Book
  Kiel's sky balloon
  box of preserving
  decanter of endless water
  figurines (golden lions)
  harmonica of gravity
  amulet of the planes
  small quantities of Gorka root & cloud dragon powder
  wand of wonder
  opal of hypnotism
  harp within glass sphere
  potion of extra-healing
  potion of sweet water

  NG morningstar +4
  Int 15
  Ego 26
  purpose:  to slay undead
  disintegrates undead upon successful hit (-4 to save)
  detects undead within 60'
  speaks Common + wielder's languages
  continual light 3/day
  sunray 1/week
  fly 1/day

Kiel's Sky Balloon (Ged)
  Flies at up to 36" for maximum of 40 hours/week; can
carry up to 3000 lbs. of cargo while in flight.

Sueloise Fire Wand (Ged)
  Wielder commands nine powerful fire-related powers:
    LBUZI  kills all flames within 50'                        (1)
    INZUS  magnifies all flames within 50' by a factor of 5   (1)
    BCIQ   dancing lights, pyrotechnics in front of wand      (1)
    KNEC   launches a fireball (10d6, no 1s or 2s)            (2)
    FBIZI  does 5d10 heat damage to target                    (2)
    AXUI   engulfs target in flames (3d10) for 2-5 rounds     (3)
    PSAFT  drains 10d10 hp from fire-oriented creatures       (3)
    CSPAN  launches one flaming sphere at each living being   (4)
           in a 90 degree arc
    NDREK  envelops a 10' wide path, out to 100', in flames   (4)
           (3d10 per round for 1 round)
  (the wand can use 18 charges per day)

common mage spells:  dispel magic, fly, haste, slow, dimension door,
  wizard eye, teleport, wall of force, Mordenkainen's sword
common priest spells:  curative spells, detect magic, hold person,
  divination, commune, flame strike, transmute rock to mud, blade

other property/holdings:
  castle and land outside of Greyhawk
    (from Greyhawk city, go west parallel to Selintan for 1
     hex/10 leagues, then continue west rather than south with
     the river; go 10 more leagues toward dyvers, then turn
     north; castle & land are on the shore of the Nyr Dyv)
    - 3x3 league plot, opportunity for expansion
    - ruins just to west, and Nyr Dyv just to north
    - 40K for land originally
  stone golem
other companions/hirelings:
  Nenya (student & land surveyor; see below)
  Endymion (grey cat; familiar)
  Deryck (ranger) (in charge of castle in Ged's absence)
  Scotty (engineer) (has the lyre of building)
  Calvin (page) (just a lad)


  8th/9th level elven warrior/mage
  female, 5'5", 81 lbs, white skin, silver hair, brown eyes
  93 years old
  al   neutral good
  STR  13
  INT  17
  WIS  16
  DEX  17
  CON  15
  CHR  14
  COM  15
  ac   4/1
  hp   46
  thac0 9, shortsword +3, 1-6/1-8 +5
  elven chain mail +2
  ring +1
  ring of command
  vorpal short sword +3
  Murylnd's spoon
  green-hide bound tome (empty book of infinite spells)
  wand of ?
  strange green clay
  3 potions

common spells:  color spray, continual light, Melf's acid arrow,
  Melf's minute meteors, plant growth, cone of cold

other:  talented at land surveying and agriculture


Mongo Thunderhead
  17th level dwarven warrior
  male, 4'0", 184 lbs, brown skin, black hair w/beard,
    black eyes
  74 years old
  al   chaotic good
  STR  18/71 (22 with girdle)
  INT  12
  WIS  12
  DEX  14
  CON  19
  CHR  13
  COM  11
  ac   -2
  hp  123
  thac0 -5, warhammer +5, (5/2) 2-5/1-4 (x2 if hurled) +17
  Stormcrest (hammer +5)
  plate mail +3
  shield +1, +4 vs missiles
  girdle of fire giant strength
  helm of life
  ring of fire resistance (actually fire elemental
  ring of regeneration
  portable hole (contains various party loot...)
  necklace of adaption
  amber bee of feather falling
  orb of fate
  hell cube
  horn of siege
  cornucopia of endless food
  rod of lordly might
  jug of extra-healing x4
  potion of flying
  potion of sweet water
  2 potions
  longsword +6
  22 assorted magical arrows
  wooden shoes
  purple stick
  golden coin of Zilchus

Stormcrest (an ancient dwarven artifact)
  purpose:  to slay giants and giant-kin
  hammer +5, dwarven thrower (180' range, double damage dice,
    returns to thrower)
  merely a hammer +1 for anyone not a dwarven warrior
  requires 20 or higher strength to wield
  hammer affects giants as does a hammer of thunderbolts;
    this is the only time it generates a thunderclap
  can generate a lightning bolt of 10d6 power (2/day)
  bearer may become extremely ill and weak when not on land
    for more than one day
  bearer is compelled to attack all giants
  bearer becomes prone to fits of both rage and sullen gloom,
    due to occasional and vague empathic flashbacks and
    visions of ancient dwarven times

Orb of Fate
  Once per day, this crystal sphere will answer aloud
any one yes/no question.

  This powerful item of Good, when touched to a wounded
mortal of non-evil alignment, will cure all wounds and
diseases, blindness, deafness, feeblemind, and paralysis
provided the recipient makes a successful system shock
roll; failure indicates that that mortal can never again
be helped by the rod.  This item will only cure the same
individual once in any given week.

Hell Cube
  This powerful item of evil has unknown powers of a
summoning nature.

Horn of Siege
  This horn, when winded, causes a powerful earthquake
(at the 25th level of magic use).  It can be winded but
once per month.

Cornucopia of Endless Food
  This item never fails to be full of plenty of tasty,
nourishing fare, provided that it is in the hands of a
Good individual.


  8th level dwarven warrior
  male, 3'10", 150 lbs, brown skin, brown hair w/beard,
    brown eyes
  38 years old
  al   chaotic good
  STR  17
  INT  12
  WIS  10
  DEX  13
  CON  17
  CHR  12
  COM  12
  ac  2/0
  hp   75
  thac0 8, battleaxe +3, (2/1) 1-8/1-8 +6
  battleaxe +3
  dagger +2
  chain mail +3
  large shield +1
  armband of the airy ones
  ring of free will
  ring of ?
  blue glass plate
  empty wooden coffer
  bowl w/4 black spheres
  potion of extra-healing
  potion of fire resistance (half-gone)
  3 potions


  19th level human thief
  male, 5'11", 161 lbs, white skin, brown hair, moustache,
    brown eyes
  25 years old
  al   true neutral
  STR  18
  INT  17
  WIS   9
  DEX  18
  CON  17
  CHR  18
  COM  17
  ac   -2/2
  hp   78
  has permanent persuasiveness effect due to potion
  thac0 7, longsword +4, 1-8/1-12 +6
        6, daggers +3, (2/1) 1-4/1-3 +5
  Nightfang (longsword +4)
  two daggers +3 of throwing
  glass dagger
  leather armor +2
  ring of telekinesis
  ring vs. insects
  eyes of the eagle
  necklace of obscurity
  rope of climbing
  hat of disguise
  boots of striding and springing
  adamantine meteorite
  pouch of accessibility
  everburning green torch
  bell of healing
  ten feather tattoos
  large bean
  Daern's instant fortress
  scepter of the winds
  potion of longevity
  potion of feather falling
  potion of treasure finding
  various spell scrolls (dimension door, hold monster, etc.)

  N longsword +4 of sharpness
  wieldy and light as a dagger for initiative and melee
  only a powerless +1 sword in the hands of a non-thief
  purpose:  to aid and abet rogues (namely, its owner)
  grants nine lives to worthy wielder, via teleportation
    to nearest safe point at moment of death

glass dagger
  The blade of this dagger is composed entirely of a dark,
smoky glasslike substance.  This weapon has a +5 bonus to
hit and damage, and better yet, the mystical properties
of the blade allow it to pass through metal as if it
wasn't even there.  Thus, a victim wearing armor might as
well be naked, as far as this dagger is concerned.

magical feather tattoos
  white.........feather falling
  silver........invisibility (as the ring)
  yellow........regeneration (as the ring)
  orange........+3 on saves resistance (as the ring)
  green.........+3 protection
  gold..........wish (1/year)
  blue..........cold resistance
  purple........haste (3/day)
  black.........poison resistance

Thief Abilities:
  (all are at 95% except Read Languages, which is at 45%)
  backstabs do 5x damage
  scroll-using capability

  The Green Dragon Inn, in Greyhawk
  small keep west of Greyhawk


  10th level halfling thief
  male, 2'9", 40 lbs, tan skin, light brown hair, light
    brown eyes
  22 years old
  al   chaotic neutral
  STR   8
  INT  13
  WIS   7
  DEX  17
  CON  14
  CHR  13
  COM  13
  ac  1/4
  hp   50
  thac0 12, shortsword +4, 1-8/1-6 +4
  leather armor
  cloak +3
  shortsword +4, defender
  granite dagger
  winged boots
  ring of water walking
  ring of x-ray vision
  jewelled telescope
  marbles of chaos
  3 light-pebbles
  tin box containing electricity-ball
  potion of extra-healing
  2 potions
  scroll of protection vs undead
  multicolored spherical gem
  < 1 wish >


  5th/11th level human fighter/thief
  female, 5'8", 130 lbs, white skin, red hair, blue eyes
  27 years old
  al true neutral
  STR  14
  INT  14
  WIS  13
  DEX  18
  CON  16
  CHR  16
  COM  18
  ac   1/-3
  hp   57
  thac0 8, longsword +3 (specialized) 1-8/1-12 +5
  leather armor +4
  longsword +3
  dagger +4
  periapt of wound closure
  boots of speed
  ring of human influence
  Keoghtom's ointment


  17th level human monk/warrior
  male, 6'6", 250 lbs, black skin, black hair, black
  26 years old
  al   true neutral
  STR  18/51
  INT  14
  WIS  11
  DEX  17
  CON  17
  CHR  14
  COM  14
  ac   -6
  hp  114
  thac0 -3, staff, (5/2) 1-6/1-6 +9
        -4, longbow, (2/1 + doubling) 1-6/1-6 +8
  quarterstaff +4
    can shorten to 1' or lengthen to 6' upon command
    light yet virtually unbreakable
    may have other magical powers
  longbow +3, of doubling
  14 arrows +2
  red arrow
  javelin of piercing
  bracers of defense ac3
  robes of protection +4
  amulet of life protection
  charm vs wounds
  boots of speed
  gloves of missile snaring
  ring of djinni summoning
  ring of feather falling
  bronze horn of Valhalla
  wand of illumination
  blue crystal pyramid (loaned to Tenser)
  figurine of wondrous power - onyx dogs
  potion of water breathing
  horseshoes of the zephyr


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