Chapter #246

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                    +      THE ADVENTURERS      +
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                        +      Epic II      +
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+    Many of the locations, non-player characters, spells, and      +
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+  THE PARTY (or more accurately, a fragment of it):                +
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+  Peldor       19th level human thief                         (N)  +
+   Date:       9/9/574 C.Y. (Common Year)                          +
+   Time:       afternoon                                           +
+   Place:      the Green Dragon Inn                                +
+   Climate:    mild                                                +
+   "A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice."         +
+                                                     - Ed Howe     +

                  CCXLVI.  The Bosco Adventure

  After a cleverly engineered turn of events, Peldor has become
the Thieves' Guild's Master Thief in the River Quarter.  The job
has turned out to have both good and bad points, though...

Tanya:  Amazing...master thief for the whole quarter!
Peldor:  -so any major operations in this Quarter have to go through
  me.  I sit on the Guild Council, which consists of Org and the
  five of us.
Tanya:  (counting city quarters in her head)  Let's see...Garden,
  River, Thieves', Foreign, Slum, High.  Six quarters - where's the
  sixth Guild Master?
Peldor:  Org himself runs things in the High Quarter.
Tanya:  Oh.
Peldor:  That group meets weekly, in the Guildhall.  I also have the
  power to draw upon the resources of the Guild, should I need them.
  (he remembers the assassin called Whisper, and shivers slightly)
Tanya:  Sounds like a good deal.
Peldor:  Well, there are drawbacks.  I can't make decisions or pass
  judgements that directly affect the operations of my inn.  I have
  to account for all the Guildmembers' fees - and actions - in the
  River Quarter.  That alone will require a lot of work, and a number
  of trusted assistants.  Clerks, bean counters...I'm not sure yet.
Tanya:  I had no idea it was so complicated.
Peldor:  I also have to be careful that none of my interests conflict
  with the Guild's.  I don't want to end up like Tomas.  Whew, this
  could become a serious headache.
Tanya:  Well, congratulations anyway.  (she hugs him)
Peldor:  Thanks...
Tanya:  (eyeing a bottle of rare wine on a shelf)  Perhaps this calls
  for a celebration?
Peldor:  Yes, indeed.

  The next two weeks were busy ones for Peldor.  He had to get all
of his Guild operations organized, which meant that he had little
time for the Green Dragon Inn.  Of course, that was handled capably
by Tanya and the others, reminding him yet again why he had taken
care to surround himself with competent, skilled people.  Bosco
returned, too, about mid-month; the halfling wore a sprocket of
some sort around his neck, and told of great dungeons and fabulous
treasures...and also of over-confident, trusting elves who should
have been watching him more closely.  These claims seemed mostly
true, based on the amount of money Bosco threw around at the card
tables and dice games for the next week.
  Peldor's first move was to interview all of Tomas' helpers, to
weed out the unscrupulous or incompetent among them.  Surprisingly,
he found it necessary to fire only two of the ex-master's aides,
for it turned out that Tomas had done most of his own accounting and
bookkeeping, to keep his skimming and kickbacks secret.  He had,
simply put, wasted a rather competent staff - a mistake that Peldor
had no intention of repeating.  He set up a double-redundant system
that caused every vital number to be tracked by not one, but two
accountants, operating independently of one another.  Both reported
to Peldor independently and at different times and locations.  In
turn, Peldor reported his Quarter's income to Org and the other
Quartermasters every week.  This seemed to make them a lot happier
than they had been with Tomas and his sea of false figures and other
  Indeed, Peldor quickly found that, simply by being honest and
avoiding skimming and ambition, he was able to win the trust (such
as it was) of the other thieves.  Of course, being independently
wealthy, Peldor had no need for extra money; he didn't need to
embezzle any funds, and could not be bought.  The other Quarter-
masters seemed to realize this.  Privately, Peldor knew that,
should he have wanted to finance a takeover operation (which he
didn't) such as Tomas had considered, he could do so without any
external funding.

Peldor:  (in his room, in his inn, he is counting his own personal
  fortune, via the entries in a thick ledger)  Whoa!  Even I didn't
  know I was worth that much!  (he closes the book)  Time for bed.
shape beneath covers, beside Peldor:  (mutters something in a soft

  The next day, as Peldor ate lunch at a corner table, Bosco dashed
up, leaping onto a chair.  He looked mildly alarmed.

Bosco:  (almost falls, along with the chair he's standing on)
Peldor:  What are you doing?!?
Bosco:  Something weird happened!
Peldor:  Oh, this should be good...
Bosco:  Err, I have a friend.  He disappeared.
Peldor:  Huh?
Bosco:  Gone!  (he looks around, as if everybody is suspect, and
  lowers his shrill voice)  Vanished...
Peldor:  His name wasn't Tomas, was it?
Bosco:  No.  It was Carey.
Peldor:  Who is this person?
Bosco:  He's one of my buddies.  (looks around)  He had been saying
  something about going into the Undercity-
Peldor:  Shh!
Bosco:  (quiets down again)  -to look for some lost treasure.  But
  I was busy yesterday...or was I drinking?  (scratches his head)
  Anyway, he wasn't around for breakfast today, and he never misses
  breakfast at the-
Peldor:  (rubbing his chin)  The sewers.
Bosco:  Huh?
Peldor:  The sewers, I said.  That's how he would have gotten in.
  Unless he knows someone high-ranking in the Thieves' or Assassins'
  Guild...(shakes his head)  Nah, couldn't be.  He had to have gone
  in through the sewers.
Bosco:  Then you'll help me find him?
Peldor:  (at least trying to act hesitant)  Well...
Bosco:  C'mon!  I'm worried about him, and no one else can help me
  find him.  Heck, I don't even know that much about the sewers...
Peldor:  Oh, okay.  But only today.  I can't be gone more than one
Bosco:  All right!  (he dashes off, then stops, and dashes back)
  I'm going to get my weapons and stuff!
Peldor:  Meet me here in half an hour.
Bosco:  Yippee!  (already having forgotten the graveness of this
  situation, he leaps and bounds up the stairs)
Peldor:  <sigh>

  Finishing his meal, Peldor went to inform Tanya of Bosco's plight
and the resultant venture.

Tanya:  Do you want some help?
Peldor:  No, that's okay.  The sewers stink something fierce this
  time of year, and besides, if his friend really went down there
  alone, we're probably not going to find him.  But I owe it to the
  little guy to try.
Tanya:  Aww...
Peldor:  (kisses her lightly on the lips)  Don't worry, I'll be back
  before nightfall.  (he heads upstairs to gather his equipment)
Tanya:  I hope so.

  Peldor donned old, well-worn clothes over his armor; he didn't
want to ruin any of his good clothes in the sewers.  He elected not
to carry those magic items which wouldn't be useful, e.g. the odd
meteorite of adamantine.  Since most of his magical items were tiny
and weightless, or blended in with his clothes, Peldor appeared to
be just another city resident, though he was in truth armed to the
teeth and ready for a risky exploration.  By the time he got down-
stairs, Bosco was ready and waiting; the halfling had also thought
to wear old clothes, and was even now explaining the upcoming
adventure to Tanya.

Bosco:  So we have to go d-
Peldor:  (grabs Bosco by the collar)  Come along, good Bosco.  We
  must go.
Bosco:  (waving goodbye)  Seeya, Tanya.
Tanya:  Good luck...

  Peldor and his henchman made their way to the area where the
halfling's missing friend lived.

Peldor:  Okay, you say he lived and roamed around here?  (looks
Bosco:  Yep.  Those hills over there are the Warrens...a popular
  place for dwarves, gnomes, and halflings in Greyhawk.
Peldor:  Hmm.  I didn't know that.
Bosco:  Well, it's true.  Why do you want to know where he lived?
Peldor:  Because wherever he lived, the sewer entrance he used will
  probably be nearby.  (he begins nosing around in some bushes)
Bosco:  Oh.

  After a brief (and inconspicuous) search of the area, they found
one of the sewer grates.

Bosco:  I do believe this is pretty close to his dwelling place.
Peldor:  Yeah.  (he kneels down to inspect the lock)  Ah!
Bosco:  What?  (he looks at the lock)  Fresh scrapes...someone's
  been been through here recently.
Peldor:  And it's probably your man Carey.  The sewer workers don't
usually enter the system through these grates - they have a central
  access point within their guild.  (he quickly picks the lock)
Bosco:  Damn, that was fast.
Peldor:  Yeah...some skills never leave you.  (he lifts the grate,
  exposing a six-foot wide, vertical pipe)  Look there.  (points)

  Iron rungs were mounted in the side of the pipe, and led down,
perhaps twenty feet, into the darkness.  Peldor was pointing at
the fresh scuff marks on some of the rungs.

Peldor:  Somebody came down here, and recently.  It just rained
  two nights ago, and the rain would've washed away all traces of
  someone passing through here.
Bosco:  Clever.  Let's go down.
Peldor:  Right.  You first - I've got to close this grate, and I
  think it's too heavy for you.
Bosco:  Gotcha.  (he leads the way down)

  They went down a bit, and Peldor pulled the grate closed; its
latch clicked into place, sealing the entrance.

Peldor:  Not to worry; I'm pretty sure I can pick it from this side
  when we come back.
Bosco:  Yeah.

  They descended, the sun's light growing fainter and dimmer as it
shone through the grate's holes above.  An incredible smell wafted
through the pipe, assaulting their nostrils; after a minute or two,
they didn't notice it nearly as much.

Peldor:  Maybe it's true, what they say - after the first moments,
  you get used to the smell.
Bosco:  <cough>  Not me.

  They climbed down, and at the bottom of the ladder, they found
themselves in a horizontal pipe, ten feet in diameter.  Since they
were right underneath a sewer, the pipe only led away in a single
direction, westward; there was only one direction to go.  The walls
of the pipe were made of old, cracked stone, and the water level
was about five inches.  There was a fairly strong current in one
direction, which suggested a slight, imperceptible slope to the

Peldor:  (holding his green torch high, he looks westward)  Well,
  Bosco, here we go.  (they begin walking)
Bosco:  (studying the way the torchlight shines on the pipe's wall)
  Gee, it's kinda dark down here.  And slimy.
Peldor:  (nonchalantly)  That's just the way the monsters like it.
Bosco:  Monsters?  What monsters?
Peldor:  Nevermind.  It's just rats and spiders, as far as I know.
Bosco:  That's a relief.
Peldor:  Of course, I've heard rumors of giant, mutated alligators
  living deep under the city...
Bosco:  Those are just rumors.  (he turns to look at the dimly lit
  entrance behind them)  Aren't they?

next time :  deeper into the muck they go

notes     :  Whew, this politics stuff is challenging to write...
  Though it had little bearing on Peldor's tales, the best literary
  example of politics that I can think of is Piers Anthony's "Bio
  of a Space Tyrant" quintology.  It's sci-fi, not fantasy, but it's
  good reading.  Anyhow, I got sick of the politics, thus the sewer
    A few other things:  someone pointed out that Peldor charged
  the drow a weekly rate that was _higher_ then 7*daily rate.  This
  is true, and a simple enough error; when I wrote the last drow
  story, I estimated a daily lodging fee that, a couple of episodes
  later, seemed too high.  But by then, it was too late.
    About the relative ease with which Peldor got Tomas' documents:
  A good point.  However, Tomas was a bully, not a master (he was
  only 7th or 8th level, I think) and wasn't used to genuine risks
  and dangers.  He probably figured his hidden, tough, trapped safe
  was good enough...and like most stupid, overconfident people, he
  figured wrong.

  Time for more fan mail; this batch covers episodes #235 (near the
end of the Ged/Mongo run) all the way up through #243 (the entire
Alindyar/Lyra run) though a good bit of it seems to be from old
readers who've only recently returned to the fold...let's have a

>>  I've enjoyed this recent adventure in the lost Suel city, it's
>>  been quite entertaining.
>>  A question about Nenya (or whatever her name is):  Is she going
>>  to be joining the main party when then go adventuring from now
>>  on?  She is more powerful than Gorin and Bosco and she would be
>>  a good addition.
>>  Also, when are we going to see Alinydar and Lyra show up again?
>>  I quite like Alindyar, and the two of them make a potent force.
>>  Keep up the good work.
>>                      Marc

  Nenya in the party?  Hmm, I hadn't thought about it much.  This
certainly is possible.  As for the drow, by now, you've surely read
their adventures.

>>  Oh now that I have a mac ppp here at slip net I checked out the
>>  adventurers home page.  Good job!  I especially liked actually
>>  being able to SEE the players.  But hey, how come no pic of the
>>  DM of net DMs himself??  Maybe you can put up a jpg of yerself
>>  so we can see what u look like.
>>  cheers,
>>  louis

  Glad you like the Web page; it certainly does take advantage of
the latest technology.  At the bottom of the page is a link to my
home page, so you _can_ see my picture.

>>  Hmmm... I'm surprised that Peldor didn't request something from
>>  Bosco's terms of dues from his henchman.. :]  *chuckle*
>>  Patrick

  You never know...

>>  Mr. (Dr. ?) Miller,
>>  I am a first-year university student at the Uni. of Otago, in
>>  Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand, west of Australia,
>>  in the Southern Hemisphere.
>>  Sorry if the above seems a bit patronising, but there are a lot
>>  of people around the globe who have no idea where New Zealand is
>>  (not that it really matters).
>>  Anyway, around December 1993 I came across a CD-ROM by Walnut
>>  Creek (it was called 'Giga Games') which had a dump of the
>>  Caltech and Stanford ftp sites devoted to Dungeons and Dragons.
>>  I found your 'Adventurers' stories (numbers 1 - 107) and immensely
>>  enjoyed them.  So, I'd like to procure :-) all the rest of them.
>>  I have books 1-6, and would like the rest. BUT, I know that
>>  responding to everyone who asks is very time-consuming, so if
>>  you're too busy or just not interested, don't worry about it.
>>  Incidentally, I found your E-Mail address by looking at your WWW
>>  page which was mentioned in your finger entry which I found from
>>  your (old) E-Mail address in my 1992 copy of the Adventurers FAQ.
>>  Yours,
>>         Chris

  _Doctor_ Miller? reputation precedes me, I see...
Seriously, every reader from every country matters to me, and I make
it a point to answer _every_ piece of fan mail that I get.  That may
be one reason I have so many loyal readers, I don't know.
  As for the CD-ROM, that's an interesting story.  It appears that
I've made it onto a shareware/public domain CD-ROM.  Further research
into this product and company has revealed that the CD-ROM isn't
exactly something you can find in catalogs.  In fact, it's local to
Australia only.  Oh well.

>>  Ged's cat is named Endymion?  I've only heard of that name in
>>  one place.  Is it some legendary figure?
>>  Robert

  Ged's player thought of it himself.  It's based on the name of a
crew/parade at Mardi Gras.  Beyond that, I don't know.  It's likely
some mythological reference - it sounds Greek to me.

>>  Another personal loose end for Belphanior:  will he seek revenge
>>  against the city of Greyhawk?
>>  And while I'm thinking about it...the anonymous "figure" who
>>  helped Rillen and Belphanior on their way to the tournament
>>  will Rillen/Belphaior seek to avenge the death of Garn (the ranger
>>  who died in the mists...)
>>  will Rillen seek to discover the mystery that _is_ the mists....
>>  Tom

  Belphanior will almost certainly be back in Greyhawk, though he'll
have to be careful.  The anonymous figure may put in an appearance
next time someone is in the area of the Burneal Forest.  Both mist-
related issues will probably not be dealt with further; the mists
(and Garn) were a one-time invention to produce a climate of fear
for the Halloween story.

>>  Thomas...
>>  I've just finished reading book 9 which you sent me, and I love
>>  it!  The shift in emphasis away from combat has really helped
>>  the tone of your stories; I enjoy them far more now. And, there
>>  seem to be far more really original ideas (that is, not just
>>  good, but inspired, such as changing Belphanior to LN and the
>>  individual quests). Is this mostly the fact that now you are
>>  writing stories rather than making up adventures (and thus having
>>  more time to think carefully), or is it due to the influence of
>>  other people?  I'm really curious to know exactly how much other
>>  people's ideas have helped augment the storylines.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Chris

  Glad you like them.  Yes, the ideas of others (including some of
the original players) help me an awful lot.  I owe as much credit
to them as to myself, and I usually stick the names in the "notes"
area at the bottom of an episode.

>>  I've only been reading for about the last 15 installments or
>>  so; I would like to get the complete series.  Could you mail
>>  it to me?  One big tarfile would be fine, or however you keep
>>  them stored.
>>  Have you ever considered developing modules from any of this
>>  material?  I suppose it would have to wait until after this
>>  copyright nonsense with TSR.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Richard

  I've thought about it, and some of my plots are probably worthy
of modules, but T$R isn't going to let it happen.  I suppose it
would be worth my time to type something up, nicely, and send it
to them.  Just in case, eh?
  About old episodes:  all of you should know by now that I do
what I can to help you get them.

>>  I just had a look at the players photo's :)
>>  Well now I understand the characters personalities better, and
>>  the players basically look a lot like their characters.  Mongo
>>  being a quieter get down to it person
>>  Rillen LOOKS like his character, what more can I say....Peldor
>>  has that typical flamboyant look about him...Belphanior has the
>>  gleam in his eyes (though it just could be the shadow :)
>>  And Ged he has the prideful priestly look about him too..
>>  Kerry

  Many readers have been pleased to be able to look at the pictures
of the players - and many of them agree with you!  If you have a Web
browing program and haven't checked the page out, get to it!

>>  So, i've finished book 10 now, and i must say that your writing
>>  surely has improved over the episodes.
>>  Kjetil

  This is one comment I get a lot nowadays.  Reading back to some of
the earlier episodes, I have come to realize that it's true, though
it's also kinda like comparing apples and oranges.

>>  Thanks for sending me books 1 through 6.  They were highly
>>  enjoyable; the magic level in that campaign is rather like one
>>  I played in in the late 80's, and brings back pleasant memories.
>>  If you could send me more books at your convenience, I would
>>  greatly appreciate it.
>>  Thanks
>>  Richard

  I'm happy to hear that my stories bring back those memories.
I, too have memories of the "good old days".

>>  I have been curious... is the Adventurers a very popular thing?
>>  And have you ever considered putting it into literary form
>>  instead of a sort of play-by-play of the action.  (Or considered
>>  having someone else write it in literary form (I mean, like a
>>  fantasy novel)

  It seems to be a popular thing...and the novel-question, as always,
seems predetermined by T$R.

>>  Hola,
>>  I just had the opportunity to FTP the entire Adventurers story
>>  library, and I've been reading them in sequence.  I'm currently
>>  in the mid-30's.
>>  The first time I read these stories was when I was in highschool,
>>  and you had first started writing them.  It's great to see that
>>  you are still at it.
>>  I'm really enjoying your writing - keep up the good work!
>>  whee.
>>  -kal

  Cool.  Apparently, I've developed net.longevity...soon, people
will be going through entire college educations while reading my

>>  Thomas,
>>   Cool!  (Yes, I'm a fan now).  I am mostly through with the
>>  first book.  I think I like the old style rather than the prose
>>  style, but I'm not sure yet.  Peldor seems to have done an
>>  excellent job of role-playing.  There are no (at least not yet)
>>  uncharacteristic actions on his part.  I like him.  I also like
>>  the way you describe near misses and other "game" oriented things.
>>  I feel it heightens the excitement of the game.  A.J.W.D.  (A Job
>>  Well Done).
>>                        Later,
>>                                   Doug.

  You know, I've realized what Peldor's secret is.  His character
and his player are the same!  Through the game, Marc did all the
things he couldn't really do in real life, but that's about the
only difference.

>>  Seems like I'm beginning to contribute again as my favourite
>>  tag team starts hassling...
>>  Liked a lot last episode (239) where drows overcame obstacles by
>>  stealth, ingenious spellcasting and teamwork..
>>  I want more, much more! Oh, how many episodes more???
>>  Nice to know you still continue writing. No need to waste
>>  valuable skills  ;)
>>  VP

  Glad you liked it.  And...everyone who sends me feedback and
criticism contributes.  Everyone.

>>    Wow! Great! Fantastic! Incredible! Amazing! Outstanding!
>>  Wonderful! Incredible!  Wait! I already used 'incredible'.
>>  Well anyway, after much reading i've finished your tale of
>>  adventures up to the current one, part 239, and i'm very
>>  impressed. Reading the hole story in short time is just
>>  wonderful. I must say that your writing has improved a lot.
>>  Kjetil

  The best reading pattern seems to be sitting down with the whole
saga, and reading it all at once.  At least two dozen people have
pointed this out in the last few years.

>>  A most excellent saga thus far.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Earth
>>  voyage after the quest for the Runes.  Rillen's combat was
>>  exceptional as well.  I think however that the prime episode was
>>  "The Fog" one.  I don't do horror often, but I have found the best
>>  way to make the players (and in this case the readers) just as
>>  frightened as their characters are supposed to be is to make things
>>  happen in a most unusual way.  "What you don't know CAN hurt
>>  you...".  Keep up the good work!
>>                        Doug

  Thanks...I got a lot of kudos for that episode.  Remember, though:
the basic idea came from John Carpenter, not me.  That's why he's
listed in my credits, way back in #125.

>>  Well, it's been long since my last comments and I'm sorry for
>>  that. My studies have taken a drastic turn to worse and I have
>>  some other things also on my mind.

  Believe me, friend, I know the feeling.

>>  Anyway, I must comment on the latest episode. Seems like Alindyar
>>  and Lyra have a knack of getting themselves always into trouble.
>>  No?  Remember deck of many things, vampire lord, drow city? I
>>  thought you might ;)
>>  My point is that seems like others have not needed to handle
>>  great losses. Or if they have, solve has been on their hands at
>>  the same moment. Otherwise it's good to see obstacles in their
>>  way. I hope to see difficulties with others as well.
>>  VP

  This is a good point.  I seem to have given the drow more than
their share of misfortune...I'll be watching this carefully from
now on.

>>   > notes     :  Want to know what the rod Bigby gave Alindyar
>>     does?  It's in the 1st Edition of those little
>>     cartoons...
>>  A +2 backscratcher? What's Alindyar going to do with a +2
>>  backscratcher?
>>  Rob

and then came this:

>>  Any hint for a poor soul who has only the 2nd Edition of the
>>  book?
>>  Costas

  Wow, some of you are younger than I thought!  :)
  It's a rod capable of casting the various Bigby's hand spells.

>>  Surprisingly good job with Rary and Bigby. Handled them very well,
>>  really painted a good and faithful picture of their personalities
>>  and brought them to life. Well done.
>>  --Thalion

  This was a common response - a lot of you really liked the guest
stars.  I tried to remain faithful to their characterizations as set
down in the last Greyhawk work T$R did.  I own, and enjoy using, the
"City of Greyhawk" boxed set.

>>  Woohoo!  Good ending to the drow's adventures
>>  Bosco should have a sprocket from the juggernaut as a necklace
>>  Lance

  Glad you liked it.  We'll see about that sprocket...

>>  After re-reading 241 and 242, then seeing 243 this morning, I
>>  really liked the way this series progressed.  Alindyar and Lyra
>>  were obviously rather distracted, because I saw saw through
>>  Peldor's trick in the hall right away (not that this is a plot-
>>  nit, because the drow _were_ obviously preoccupied)
>>  Leonard

  Yep.  I never detail explicit sexual situations, but I'll always
be quick to suggest what's going on.  Sex is, after all, part of
life.  Glad you liked the recent run - the fact that I wrote them
all in rapid succession probably made for a tighter storyline.

>>  >  You wrote:
>>  > notes     :  One of my writing preferences, whenever
>>  >            possible, is to do what I've come to call
>>  >            "de-AD&D-ing" events.
>>  And I'd add that it makes for better stories. No story should
>>  be constrained by a game like that. It has to be told on its
>>  own terms.
>>  Glen


>>  Good Stuff! Thomas.
>>  Thanks for the great stories.
>>  I have come to realize that I really look forward to each new
>>  episode.
>>  Rob

  Thanks.  Comments like these mean a lot to me.

>>  Great stuff!  It was interesting to see Alindyar rubbing elbows
>>  with Rary and Bigby.  These episodes are a good representation
>>  of how powerful AD&D mages get at high levels.  But, that's not
>>  a bad thing.  Keep it up.
>>  Jim

  Glad you enjoyed it.  I wanted to show how powerful the "Big 8"
magi could be, and I think I succeeded.

>>  Oh I see.  hehe well never mind then.  BTW I really emjoyed the
>>  inclusion of Rary and Bigby :)  Great to see the old legends
>>  "mixin' it up a bit."  :)  later,
>>  louis

  I chose Bigby and Rary because they're both True Neutral, like
the drow.

>>    So, I guess Peldor's tale is next, huh?  Any clues as to
>>  what it's going to be about?  Aside from Belphanior, he's
>>  my favorite character and I've been anxiously awaiting his
>>  story since you began these.  The other ones were still
>>  well done, mind you.
>>    By the way, I don't think I mentioned it before, but the
>>  Sueloise (sp?) lich episode was great.  Somehow, this lich
>>  seemed more powerful than the others, even though it didn't
>>  last too long.  I hope you bring it back at some point with
>>  enough power to really challenge the group.
>>    Thanks for the memories,
>>  Michael

  By the time you read this, Peldor should be well on his way.
And be on the lookout for Belphanior - he'll show up before the
party gets back together.  As for the lich, it quickly learned
what kind of power it was fighting, and it did escape.  Count on
seeing it come back someday.

>>  Keep up the good work.  By the way, after not role playing
>>  for many years now, I am starting a new rpg, due, at least
>>  partially, to your storys.  Reading them is almost like playing.
>>  Thanks.  Ciao.
>>                       Tom

  This is more of the kind of feedback that often keeps me writing
when I don't feel like it.

>>  I was just wondering why Alindyar and Lyra needed Peldor to
>>  get rid of Zara when they could just locate a swamp, ocean or
>>  volcano with their magic mirror, use it as a portal and throw
>>  her through.
>>  Or I do smell a setup for a favor you have in mind for Peldor
>>  to ask? :)
>>  I prefer your choice though; we get to see more interaction
>>  between the Adventurers, and I've always had a soft spot for
>>  Peldor. Btw, what does the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild think of his
>>  activities? Does he have to give them a percentage? Is he
>>  skimming? Or do they give *him* a percentage for some reason or
>>  another? :
>>  Shane

  They probably could have found a way to get rid of the body, but
you're right about the interaction element.  Besides, neither of
them knows "Disintegrate" yet...

>>  Woo hoo... 3 stories in a week.  Keep them coming.  You must
>>  be on a tear to get to Story 250.  Quite the milestone.


>>  I must admit, I really enjoyed the last few episodes with Lyra
>>  and Alindyar.  Having gamed for years and years (like 16 !) I
>>  still find the power high-level mages wield quite frightening...
>>  Keep 'em coming.
>>  Oh yeah, the WWW home page is great.  Are you going to change
>>  the sample chapter periodically ?
>>  Wayne

  No, I'd prefer to just leave #1 there, and let new fans form if
they will, based on #1.  With the fan base I have now (~150 on my
mailing list, plus who knows how many others) I tend to worry more
about keeping the old fans happy than getting new fans.  Besides,
the new fans always keep coming anyway; they don't need any help
from me.

>>  The Adventurers rock!  I've created a following of about 5
>>  disciple to the Adventurers here at HMC.
>>  WHee!
>>  -kal

  Glad you like them!  Glad they like them!

>>  Nice to see some mages dishing out the death and destruction so
>>  well for a change.  Good bit of contrast in there with Lyra
>>  pulping Zara a bit.
>>  Brian

  I bet this touches on the misfortune-quotient issue I mentioned
above. was kinda neat to watch Lyra go nuts, wasn't it?

>>  Just wanted to say that I really like that last tidbit.
>>  MR
>>  (Still surprised that I remembered the +2 backscratcher.)

  I guess the rod Bigby gave to Alindyar could double as a +2

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