Chapter #160

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                  +      THE ADVENTURERS      +
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                      +      Epic II      +
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+    The various characters contained in these writings are   +
+  copyright 1994 by Thomas Miller.  Any resemblance to any   +
+  persons or characters either real or fictional is utterly  +
+  coincidental.  Copying and/or distribution of these tales  +
+  is permissible only under the sole condition that no part  +
+  of them will be used or sold for profit.  In that case, I  +
+  hope you enjoy them...                                     +
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+                            Thomas Miller                    +
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+   THE PARTY:                                                +
+                                                             +
+   Arnold        11th level human warrior               (NG) +
+   Belphanior    12th/14th/13th level high elven w/m/t  (CN) +
+      small immaterial wispy thing                           +
+   Ged           13th/14th level grey elven priest/mage (NG) +
+   Mongo         16th level dwarven warrior             (CG) +
+      Gorin       4th level dwarven warrior             (CG) +
+   Peldor        18th level human thief                  (N) +
+      Bosco       6th level halfling thief              (CN) +
+   Rillen        16th level human warrior                (N) +
+   Date:    9/20/573 C.Y. (Common Year)                      +
+   Time:    late afternoon                                   +
+   Place:   the foothills of the Corusk Mountains            +
+   Climate: cold                                             +
+   "You must outthink your opponent, whatever form he takes, +
+    because some of them will be more than just men."        +
+                       - from _Dragon:  The Bruce Lee Story_ +

                 CLX.  The Great Beast

  Four of the adventurers - Arnold, Rillen, Mongo, and
Belphanior - have accompanied a select group of Arnold's
tribespeople on a hunt.  As it turns out, though, this is
more than a simple hunting trip; rather, the barbarians
are planning to rid themselves of a huge predator, which
has been devouring various animals and people of late.

Arnold:  (grinning)  I didn't wand to ruin the surbrise for
Mongo:  Well, we sure do appreciate it.  Well, more than
  Ged would've, anyway.
Belphanior:  I like surprises like this, myself.
Sigfried:  (stares at the elf incredulously)
Olaf:  (chuckles)
Rillen:  (hefts his spear)  Enough talk.  Let's find the
  damned thing.  (he thinks about how, exactly two years
  ago today, he fought in the great martial arts contest)
  Let's go.
Songa:  Aye.  (she looks for, and finds, other tracks that
  trail away to the north)  Tricky beast.
Rillen:  How's that?
Songa:  It stayed here for a time, perhaps days, then rose
  and moved north.
Mongo:  What do you mean, "rose up and moved north"?!?
  What creature can go to sleep in the snow for days at a
  time, and then just get up and walk away?!?
Thurnock:  (looking to the mountains)  This is no common
  creature we seek.
Belphanior:  (muttering)  No shit...
Songa:  Aye, come.

  Within an hour, they had entered the mountains, Songa
leading the way.  She pointed out that the tracks were
becoming fresher as the group went - a sure sign that the
beast was nearby.

Mongo:  Hmm, maybe a magic item or two would have helped.
Rillen:  Maybe you should have remained in the village.
Mongo:  (scowls)
Songa:  (admiring Rillen's resolve)
Arnold:  It's a trabditional tribal cudstom - we always
  hunt the great beadst with the same sagred weabons and
  armdor.  (shrugs)  Thad's how it has to be.
Mongo:  Hmph.  Tradition...
Olaf:  Perhaps you wish to return?
Sigfried:  Perhaps you are afraid?
Mongo:  Nah.  I'm here, so I'll stay until this business
  is over.
Thurnock:  Hmph.  (he moves onward, and the others follow)
Mongo:  (brings up the rear)
Arnold:  (to Mongo)  Bad sign.
Mongo:  Huh?
Arnold:  I said, bad sign.  In their eyes, you have shown
  yoursebf to be afraid.
Mongo:  But I-
Arnold:  Now you mudst _prove_ your courage, in baddle,
  otherbwise they'll never respegt you again.
Mongo:  (getting angry)  Prove?  Oh, I'll prove it, all
Olaf:  (to Belphanior, as the two march near the front of
  the party)  Now, remember, these spears are different
  from the swords you're used to.
Belphanior:  Yeah, yeah, I know.
Songa:  (hears something)  Eh?  (to everyone)  Shh!
Thurnock:  (uses hand signals to the others, who begin to
  spread out)

  Suddenly, a huge form burst from some nearby bushes and
landed directly on Sigfried, knocking him over!  The thing
was at least twelve feet in length, and resembled a gigantic
tiger more than anything else.  However, the two incisors
in its upper jaw were vastly oversized, perhaps eight inches
long and as sharp as razors.  Also, a thick, white pelt
covered the beast, powerful muscles rippling beneath the
snowy fur.  The monster's shoulder stood fully six feet
off the ground - truly it was a huge animal.
  As Sigfried was crushed beneath the cat's weight, huge
claws ripped at him, and blood sprayed everywhere.

Olaf:  Sigfried!
Sigfried:  (already dead)
beast:  RRAAARGH!
Belphanior:  Crap, that thing's bigger than that tiger
  Halbarad used to have...
Mongo:  Cripes!  It got Sigfried!  (he charges the beast)
Rillen:  (he hurls his spear, burying its head in the side
  of the monster)  Hai!
Songa:  (follows suit, but her spear makes a puny wound
  before falling out of the creature)  Damn!
beast:  (whirls and leaps with astounding speed, closing
  its fangs around Olaf before the barbarian can react)
Olaf:  Aaargh!
beast:  GRRRARGH!  (it tosses the stout warrior like a rag
  doll)  RAARGH!
Olaf:  (lands nearby, blood pouring from his torn body)
Belphanior:  Die!  (he charges forth, burying his spear
  in the beast's side)  Yeah!
beast:  GRAARGH!  (it slaps the elf with a paw, knocking
  him away)
Belphanior:  (manages to catch the brunt of the blow on
  his shield, but it stunned nonetheless)  Argh!  (he lands
  on the ground nearby)
Thurnock:  (slashes the beast's rear with his spear, drawing
  blood)  Ha!  For the tribe!
beast:  GRAARGH!  (turns and charges the barbarian leader)
Thurnock:  (stands fast, bracing his spear against a huge
  boulder)  Come, sacred beast!
Mongo:  (barrels into the beast, stabbing his spear through
  one of its rear legs)  Yeah!  Take THAT!
beast:  (roars in pain)  RAAARGH!  (it rakes the dwarf with
  its good rear paw, sending his shield flying away)
Mongo:  Uh-oh.  (he tries to pull his spear out, but the
  beast tears the weapon out of his grip, and charges him)
beast:  GRAAARGH!
Mongo:  (looking around for cover)
Arnold:  (leaps atop the monster's broad back, burying his
  spear in its shoulder)  Ah-nold!
beast:  RAARGH!  (it rolls over, smashing Arnold, and then
  stands upright, half of Mongo's now-broken spear still in
  its leg and Arnold's spear broken off in its back)
Arnold:  (bruised and bloody, he lies nearby)  Aaa...
Thurnock:  (stands fast, his spear ready)  Come on, beast!

  Besides half of Mongo's broken spear, the monster was also
carrying Rillen's, Belphanior's, and Arnold's spears in its
body now.  Rillen and Songa stood to one side, both of them
now weaponless; Belphanior, Mongo, and Thurnock were near
the beast, on various flanks; Sigfried and Olaf lay dead,
and Arnold lay very near the monster, though he still lived.

beast:  RAARGH!  (charges Thurnock)
Mongo:  (charges after the beast)  I'm coming!
Thurnock:  (awed at this display of bravery)  No-
beast:  (though it tries to dodge the spear, the chieftan
  is skillful, and the spear catches it in the shoulder)
  RAAARGH!  (it bats Thurnock, ripping his shoulder open
  and sending him sailing aside)  GRAAARGH!  (it whirls
  around and tears into Mongo with the other claw)
Mongo:  Wha-  Argh!  (he falls nearby, his arm broken and
  his body torn in several places)  Urgh...
beast:  GRR.  (leaps toward Songa)
Songa:  (weaponless, she prepares to take on the beast
  empty-handed anyway)  Aaa!
Rillen:  No!  (having picked up the blunt end of Mongo's
  broken spear, he leaps in front of the huntress, pushes
  her aside, and hurls the spear haft, broken end first,
  all in one fluid motion)  Hai!
Songa:  (falls nearby)  Oof!
Thurnock:  (laying on the ground, bleeding)  What speed...
beast:  (the spear haft hits it right in the eye and imbeds
  itself deeply)  RRAAAAARGH!!!  (it thrashes in pain)
Rillen:  It was nothing.  (he charges the monster)
Belphanior:  (atop a nearby boulder, he holds the fallen
  Olaf's spear and leaps)  Aaaaaaa!
beast:  (stricken with pain, it whirls, but not in time)
Belphanior:  (lands spear-first on the beast's back, and
  buries the weapon in the monster's back)
Rillen:  (deftly grabs the spearpoint from the thing's leg
  and stabs it in the throat, covering himself with blood)
  Die!  (he rips the monster's throat again)  Stick-
beast:  GRAAARGH!  (it rakes the warrior with a hind claw,
  tearing deep furrows in his clothing and body)
Rillen:  Argh!  (he reels, and as his world goes black he
  sees the beast's huge jaws opening)

  There was a light, almost painful, as Rillen opened his
eyes.  He could make out hazy figures above him, but then
he tried to sit up, and was wracked with terrible pain.

Rillen:  Aaargh!  (he slumps back down, and looks at the
  thatched ceiling above him)  A hut?
Mongo:  (one arm in a sling)  He's awake!
Belphanior:  Well, it's about time!
Rillen:  Where am I?
Arnold:  Aaa.  (appears in the warrior's field of vision,
  bandaged heavily like the others)  We're back in the
  village again.
Mongo:  Yeah.
Rillen:  ...Village?
Belphanior:  Yep.  You were badly wounded - barely alive.
  We made double-time back here.
Rillen:  The beast...?
Mongo:  Dead.  It croaked shortly after you slashed its
  head half-off.
Rillen:  Oh.  And what of Songa?
Arnold:  She's jubst fine.
Mongo:  Hah.  She's been at your side for days now.  The
  only reason she's not here now is 'cause she had to
  sleep _sometime_.
Belphanior:  I think she feels bad because you got hurt
  while saving her life.
Rillen:  Oh.
Arnold:  As for Oldaf and Sigdfreeb, well...(shrugs)
Mongo:  He's trying to say that we had to bury them.
Belphanior:  Yeah.  They wouldn't let Ged try and bring
  those guys back to life.
Mongo:  It's against tribal customs.  Some god-related
Arnold:  Yah.
Rillen:  (thinking quickly)  So Thurnock lives?
Belphanior:  Yeah, he was beaten up pretty bad - like the
  rest of us - but he made it back.
Mongo:  There's more.  While we were gone, Gorin and Bosco
  managed to do some training.  Peldor's become quite a
  trader, what with all his little trinkets and stuff in
  his pockets.
Belphanior:  And _I_ trained, too, in the ways of the rogue.
Mongo:  And Ged...he even gained some measure of priestly
  power, don't ask me how-
Ged:  (strides into the hut)  Welcome back, pal!
Rillen:  (waves weakly)  Hello.
Ged:  With the help of Boccob, I fixed you and the others
  up pretty good.
Rillen:  My thanks.
Songa:  (appears in the hut)  Aha!  (gestures to the door)
  Everyone out!
Mongo:  But-
Arnold:  Aaa.
Songa:  Out!  Now!  (she picks up Mongo and carries him to
  the door)  All of you!
everyone:  (leaves)
Songa:  (slams the door)
Rillen:  Ow.
Songa:  You'd think they would show more respect.  This IS
  my hut, after all.
Rillen:  Oh.
Songa:  (sits down beside the warrior)  That was a brave
  thing you did in the battle.  I _can_ take care of myself,
  you know.
Rillen:  Weaponless fighting is best left-
Songa:  Hush with that!  Anyway, since you may have saved
  my life...(she scowls)...I have made it my personal duty
  to make sure you heal up nicely.
Rillen:  Well, I-
Songa:  No more elven mummery and wizardly tricks for you,
  my friend.  It's just you and me now.
Rillen:  I...uh...

  Rillen rested for days, regaining his strength, and he
had many private talks with Songa.  The adventurers opted
to remain in the village for another week or so, and there
was much feasting, both for the victory over the great
beast and for the two dead warriors.  The beast's body
parts had, as stated previously, myriad uses, though the
heart was presented to Rillen, when he could walk about,
two days later.

Rillen:  (looking at the shriveled heart)  I guess you
  expect me to eat this now?
Thurnock:  (laughs)  No, no!  It's not fresh and hot - no
  magical power left!  Nay, it's simply a trophy.
Songa:  Actually...(she produces a crude necklace, made
  from a single thong looped through an eight-inch long
  incisor)  I made this for you.  It's the beast's front
  tooth, of course.
Bosco:  ...!
Rillen:  Wow.
Songa:  (loops the necklace around Rillen's neck, and then
  suddenly embraces him, giving him a fierce kiss)
Mongo:  Uh-oh.
Gorin:  (grins)  Heh.
Belphanior:  Whew.  (guzzles some wine)
Bosco:  (leaping and dancing about merrily)  Rillen's got a
  _girlfriend_, Rillen's got a _girlfriend_...
Peldor:  (smacks Bosco)  Hush, you're ruining the moment.
Ged:  By Boccob, that's quite a woman.

  Though the adventurers had to move on within a few days,
there was, for the moment, much rejoicing.

next time :  Ged's quest

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notes     :  None on this episode...however, this past weekend
           I tried to re-read the entire saga, from episode #1
           all the way up.  I didn't quite make it - I began
           skimming at episode 50 or so.  Still, there are a
           number of things I learned in my readings.  It was
           painfully apparent to me that those first twenty or
           so stories were, shall we say, crude.  There was a
           marked increase in my writing (and story-telling)
           skill after I reached a certain point.  Another
           thing which I'm glad ceased was my tendency to
           share my personal problems and dilemmas with the
           readers, via this "notes" section.  Since things
           have been shaping up for me, for almost a year now,
           I'm glad to say that, as the case has been for the
           last twenty or so episodes (at least), you people
           should be free from my rantings and ravings, save
           those having to do with the stories.  Hmm, what
           else?  Oh, yeah, it sure did take me a while to
           learn the proper spelling of "surprise".  Thanks
           to S. Tucker for pointing this out to me, a couple
           of years ago (I remember it clearly!)
             Anyway, what I _really_ wanted to do here was
           present the weekend's main work:  an encyclopedia
           of all major (and otherwise) personalities that
           the Adventurers have met during their travels,
           trials, and tribulations.  I compiled this while
           doing the reading described above, and I must say
           it was an enjoyable endeavor.  Enjoy!


                           Who's Who

  (an encyclopedia of heroes, villains, and other assorted
   personalities from the Adventurers' journeys on Oerth)

                 (current through episode 160)

Baron Albert
  An evil illusionist and leader of undead, amidst the
sinking plain in Blackmoor.  He and his minions drove the
party away in episode #91.

Alindyar Rillsifane (RIP?)
  Drow mage, party member from episodes #1-143 inclusive;
mate of Lyra (qv); apparently slain in magical explosion,
along with Lyra, in episode #143.

  Iron golem, created by Belphanior in episode #146; first
named in episode #149.

Aranor (RIP)
  Long-dead dwarven eccentric whose dungeons the party
explored in episodes #46-49.

  Human barbarian warrior, henchman of Ged from episodes
#69 to present.  Died in episode #72 from red dragon breath;
resurrected by Peyote.  Granted equal status within party,
starting in episode #149.  Turned to stone in episode #153;
brought back to life by Ged in episode #154.

Beezel (RIP)
  Roaming ice devil, slain by Belphanior in episode #75.

  Merchant in Courwood, in Celene; party delivered Cassius'
package to him, thus completing their first adventure.

  Thief who accompanied the party into the old dwarven mine
in episodes #5-6; he turned traitor and buried them alive.
Presumably still out there somewhere.

  Elven warrior/mage/thief, party member from episodes #1-
present.  Turned to glass by jub-jub bird in episode #84;
cured by Rillen's djinni.

King Belvor IV
  Current king of Furyondy, mentioned in episode #103.

Blackthorn (RIP)
  Ogre mage disguised as tall, gaunt man; encountered within
Slavers' stronghold in episode #26.  Slain by Belphanior.

  A semi-intelligent CN longsword, whose purpose is to suck
souls.  Found underneath Greyhawk by Belphanior in episode
#69, it has remained his weapon of choice ever since.

  Greater diety of magic on Oerth; indirectly present due
to constant invocation by Ged.

  Halfling thief, henchman of Peldor from episodes #67 up.
Slain by green dragon breath in episode #68; reincarnated
as a raccoon by Peyote; polymorphed back to halfling form
by Alindyar, all in same episode.  Shortly thereafter, lost
soul while playing with a deck of many things.  Possessed by
unnamed demon in episodes #76-77; demon exorcised by Rob in
episode #77.  Soulless body stayed with nuns in Targ from
episodes #78-150.  Soul rescued from elemental plane of
Water (see Silthis entry) in episode #150, and reunited
with body at last.

  Warrior who won the great tournament in episode #101;
held by some to be the greatest fighter who ever lived.

  Dwarven warrior who fought at Mongo's side in the great
campaign of episodes #147-148.

  Rather irritating and incessant lad, hired by Ged as a
page; first appeared in episode #149.

  Human engineer/miner freed from Slave Lords' stronghold
during episode #26.  See also Fyndax (qv)

Cassius (RIP)
  Merchant who hired the party for its first mission; slain
by assassins in episode #1.  See also Belegard (qv).

  Warrior who won high honors in the great fighting contest
in episode #101.

  Red dragon encountered at the end of Aranor's dungeons,
in episode #49.  Wished away inadvertently by Belphanior.
Should be considered a major loose end.

Delgath (RIP)
  Evil high priest of the devil cult, trapped in the huge
fortress for years.  Inadvertently freed by the party, he
and his fellows fought them, and ended up summoning the
duke of Hell, Hadeus (qv) in episode #75

  Half-elven ranger, hired by Ged in episode #102 to take
charge of the castle when Ged was away.  Appears from time
to time in later episodes.

  High priestess of Pholtus, appeared in episode #12 when
she resurrected Halbarad.

Dorgon (RIP)
  Member of a band that tried and failed to beat the party,
in episode #70.

  Warrior beaten by Rillen, despite having a broken arm, in
his fourth fight of the great tournament in episode #101.

  Survivor of earlier squid attack, picked up by party in
episode #54 prior to squid attack.

  Sage in Greyhawk, hired by the party in episode #69.

Eldrave (RIP)
  Slave Lord, a female drow warrior/high priestess; slain by
Belphanior amidst the ruckus of episode #37.

Epicurus the sage (RIP)
  Long-dead sage, appeared by association in episode #44,
when the party read "ye olde parchment" which he wrote many
centuries ago.  This led to the dungeons of Aranor (qv)

Farcluun (RIP)
  Huge red dragon in Zagyg's dungeons, fought in episodes
#123-124; finally slain by Belphanior.

Feetla (RIP)
  Slave Lord, human warrior w/eyepatch; seen in episode #33
before party collapsed from sleep gas.  Slain in earthquake
while party was in dungeons.

Fex Nonon
  Warrior beaten by Rillen in his second fight of the great
tournament, in episode #101.

Flint Firelips (RIP)
  Dwarven warrior, found in Underdark in episode #86; followed
the party until episode #100, when he officially became
Mongo's henchman.  Died from poisoning in episode #89; cured
and resurrected by Ged.  Served in party until episode #143,
when he was slain by a sphere of annihilation.

  Human alchemist, freed in episode #26 along with Carlstar.

  Bronze dragon encountered in Aranor's dungeons; he led a
pack of four other bronze dragons which the party bartered
with in episode #48.  Responsible for giving Peldor the ring
of truth.

  Elven priest/mage of Boccob, party member from episodes #1-
present.  Never died.

  Nobleman in Greyhawk who hired Halbarad for a solo mission
in episode #69.

Gorath of Krynn
  Honorable death knight who fought and then flew away in
episode #153.

  Young dwarven warrior, saved Mongo's life in episode #148.
Soon after, accepted offer to become henchman, and has been
from episodes #148-present.

  Old man who tends a highly magical tree; mentioned by
Tenser in episode #150.

Hadeus (RIP on this plane for 99 years)
  Duke of Hell, summoned in desperation by Delgath (qv) in
episode #75.  Ripped Peldor in half.  Slain by Belphanior.

  Human ranger, with the party from episodes #1-72 inclusive.
Died in episode #11, from combat wounds; resurrected by Dianna
in episode #12.  Died again in episode #72 from red dragon
breath; resurrected by Peyote in same episode.  Wandered away
with Peyote to seek greener pastures.

Icar (RIP)
  Tall, blind warrior, an agent of the Slave Lords; slain in
combat in episode #24.

Igor (RIP)
  Human servant of the vampire lord (qv), appeared in episodes
#94-100.  Slain by Rillen in episode #100.

  Skipper of the _Typhoon_, he took the party south to the
wild Amedio Jungle in episode #107.

Brother Kerin (RIP)
  Slave Lord, a human monk; slain by Halbarad during the
final battles of episode #37.

Slippery Ketta (RIP)
  Slave Lord, a female human thief; slain in the climactic
final battle of episode #37 when she fell into the water and
was eaten by lacedons.

Kiel Morgan
  Great explorer, mentioned in episode #105 when the party
learned that they had to find him before they could venture
to the Sea of Dust.  Actually appeared in episodes #109-110.

Kieravaak (RIP)
  Red dragon, fought amidst some mountains during episode
#72.  It roasted Peyote, Arnold, and Halbarad before finally
being slain by Ged's spells.

Krug (RIP)
  Human warrior, party member from episodes #1-3.  Slain by
Mongo in episode #3 after trying to kill Ged.

Kup Swiftfoot
  Enigmatic halfling who led a force of other halflings to
Mongo's aid in episode #148.

Lamonsten (RIP)
  Slave Lord, a human illusionist; slain by Peldor during
the escape form the island in episode #37.

  Intelligent holy morningstar, whose special purpose is
to slay undead.  Possessed of mighty powers, it was first
found by Ged in episode #75, but didn't speak up until
episode #92.  It remains Ged's weapon of choice.

  Great architect, hired by Ged to design his castle; first
appeared circa episode #102, and turns up occasionally.

Lotus of Fax
  Rather absent-minded fellow who sold the party a ship in
episode #60.

Lunok (RIP)
  Long-dead evil wizard, appeared by association when the
party explored his ruined castle in episodes #10-11.

Lyra (RIP?)
  Drow mage, member of a group that attacked the party in
episode #62.  Captured by the party, she was converted from
her previous errant ways by Alindyar who thereafter became
her mate.  Apparently slain in episode #143 by a magical
explosion, along with Alindyar.

Malor (RIP)
  Member of a band that tried and failed to beat the party,
in episode #70.

Markessa (RIP)
  Evil female elf, encountered in the Slavers' stronghold
in episode #25.  Slain by Belphanior.

  Woman in Tragidore, circa episode #62; persuaded party to
find out what happened to the town's men.  This adventure
led to the finding of Lyra.

  Dwarven warrior, party member from episodes #1-present.
Never died.

Mordrammo (RIP)
  Slave Lord, a human priest; seen in episode #33 and again
in #37; slain by party in general as they escaped from the
volcanic island of the Slave Lords.

  Halfling warrior who fought at Mongo's side in the great
campaign of episodes #147-148.

Nergal (RIP)
  Never explicitly named, it was the nycadaemon defeated by
the party, under the Sea of Dust, in episode #118.

Olaf (RIP)
  Frost Barbarian warrior, member of the great hunt group
in episodes #159-160.  Died in battle with the great beast.

Olinstaad Corond
  King of the Principality of Ulek.  Appeared in various
capacities in episodes #38 and #43.

  Grossly fat demon lord; had a cameo in episode #119.

  Archmage and member of Greyhawk's Circle of Eight; though
he has never appeared, his house was visited by Peldor and
Belphanior in episode #69.

  Archmage and member of the circle of Eight; had a cameo
in episode #150.

  Human thief, party member from episodes #1-present.  Died in
episode #75 when ripped in half by Hadeus (qv); resurrected
by Rob shortly thereafter.

Perius (RIP)
  Member of a band that tried and failed to beat the party,
in episode #70.

  Half-elven warrior/druid of Obad-Hai, with the party from
episodes #1-72 inclusive.  Died from green dragon breath in
episode #42; resurrected in episode #43 by the royal clergy
of Ulek.  Died again in episode #72 from red dragon breath;
ressurected by Rob in same episode.  Left party, along with
Halbarad, in episode #72.

Philias Abbandar (RIP)
  Long-dead elf whose remains were found in a deep cavern
amidst the anti-magic zone, in episode #89.

Ravel Disander
  Greyhawk's high priest of Boccob, first appeared during
episode #102; shows up now and then to advise Ged, most
recently in episode #150.

  Former proprietor of the Green Dragon Inn, in Greyhawk;
first named in episode #100.  Sold the place to Peldor in
episode #145, for a small fortune.  Now retired, he lives
in a resort somewhere.

  Human warrior/monk, joined party in episode #50.  Never

Rob (RIP?)
  Human priest of Trithereon, party member from episodes #1-
49 and #69-80.  Snatched away by invisible green dragon in
episode #80, presumed dead.

  Warrior beaten by Rillen in his first fight of the great
tournament, in episode #101.

  Ged's chief engineer, hired in episode #102; he appears
in other episodes from time to time.

  Secret agent for the side of Good, who met the party after
they escaped from the Slave Lords' dungeons, in episode #37.

Sigfried (RIP)
  Frost Barbarian warrior, member of the great hunt group
in episodes #159-160.  Died in battle with the great beast.

  A kraken residing on the Elemental Plane of Water, where
it reigns as a prince; the party had to deal with it to
reclaim Bosco's soul in episode #150.

  Bookie in bar in Drek, tried to force party to give him
all their money immediately prior to the barfight in episodes

  Slick's cohort, the armwrestler.  Beaten by Mongo during
episodes #12-13.

Snirpy Snotnose
  Warrior beaten by Rillen in his third fight of the great
tournament, in episode #101; broke Rillen's arm, perhaps
costing him the tournament.

  Old dwarven warrior who fought at Mongo's side in the
great campaign of episodes #147-148; currently the new mayor
of Helmgate, in the Flinty Hills.

  Frost Barbarian huntress; appeared in episodes 159-160,
during which Rillen saved her life.

  Ancient dwarven warhammer, one of the most powerful items
on Oerth.  Found by Mongo in episode #143, it replaced his
old dwarven thrower which had been destroyed, and is now his
preferred weapon.

  Former independent adventurer, hired by Peldor to tend bar
and maintain order at the Green Dragon Inn as of episode #145.

  Princess rescued from humanoid keep in episode #15.  See
also Trevor (qv)

Telefe (RIP)
  Female drow, who along with Zara (qv) menaced the party in
episode #66.

  Archmage and member of the Circle of Eight; helped Ged in
episode #150.  See also Otto (qv)

Princess Tessa
  A princess of Dyvers, kidnapped in episode #103 by Peldor
and Belphanior.  Later returned safely, also by them.  See
also Sir William (qv)

Theg Narlot (RIP)
  Slave Lord, a half-orc warrior/assassin; slain by Belphanior
as the party escaped from the doomed island of the Slave
Lords in episode #37.

  One of Arnold's tribesmen; appeared in episode #148 along
with Rolf, Dolf, Ilsa, and others.

  Frost Barbarian; leader of Arnold's tribe.  Appeared during
episodes #159-160.

Tigran Gellner
  Commander of Greyhawk's Cairn Hills force; he met Ged in
episode #102.

  Hulking warrior fought by Rillen in his fifth fight of the
great tournament, in episode #101; he was the one who knocked
Rillen out of the tournament.

  Baron in Havenhill, in Ulek.  Father of Tasmela, rewarded
party handsomely in episode #15.

  Bouncer/doorman at the Green Dragon Inn, hired by Peldor
as of episode #145.

Sir William
  Knight of Dyvers, betrothed to Tessa (qv)  before her
kidnapping by Peldor and Belphanior in episode #103.  After
the kidnapping/chase was all over, he realized that Tessa
didn't really love him, and thus broke off the engagement.

Wimpell Frump (RIP)
  Old human illusionist and agent of the Slave Lords; fought
the party and lost in episode #30.

  Venerable sage in Rushmoors; told party how to get to the
old devil cult fortress when they talked with him in episodes

Zagyg (RIP?)
  Long-dead (?) archmage, who founded Greyhawk, among other
feats.  Mentioned in episodes #120-125 as the party explored
his dungeons.

Zara (RIP)
  Hostile female drow mage; first appeared in episode #66,
wherein she escaped.  Subsequently menaced Halbarad in
episode #69, escaping again.  Gathered a group of bounty
hunters from episodes #101-105, then attacked the party in
episode #106, at which time she was finally slain.

  Large wild tiger, acquired by Halbarad in episode #68.
Left the party with him and Peyote in episode #72, and is
presumably still with the ranger.

General Zog (RIP)
  One-eyed fire giant who was working with two others to
cause the giant attacks circa episodes #147-148.  Slain
by Mongo.


"the doppleganger" (RIP)
  A doppleganger that appeared in episodes #17-18, disguised
as a young woman.  Screamed a lot.  Slain by Rob after it
attacked him and tried to assume his form.

the first Slave Lord (RIP)
  Encountered in the Slavers' Stockade in episode #19; slain
in combat by Peldor.

evil mage in keep (RIP)
  Kidnapped Princess Tasmela (qv); slain by the party in
episode #42.

anonymous green dragon #1 (RIP)
  Cohort/slave of evil mage in keep; slain by Mongo, Peldor,
and Ged in episode #42.

anonymous green dragon #2 (RIP)
  Fought the party in episodes #67-68.  Killed Bosco.  Slain
at long last by Halbarad, using an arrow of dragon slaying.

the cloud giant
  Demanded toll from the party in episode #73; was forced to
kill Belphanior in self-defense.  Ended up helping the party
find the devil cult fortress.

the "Loc-Nar" demon (RIP?)
  Possessed Bosco's body in episodes #76-77; it was finally
exorcised by Rob.

anonymous green dragon #3
  Swooped by and took Rob, in episode #80.

the adamantine golem
  Fought the party to a standstill in episode #85.  Despite
all attempts to beat it, it managed to drive the party away.

the vampire lord (RIP)
  He captured most of the party in episode #94, and held
them until their rescue in episode #100.  Eventually beaten
by Ged and Lightbringer.  See also Igor (qv)

the Grand Master
  Rillen's old teacher, seen in episode #101 after the great

the bounty hunters (all recruited by Zara, all RIP)
  warrior with skull-helm
    Appeared in episodes #101-106.
  white-robed fellow
    Appeared in episodes #101-106, usually astride a pale
  the wraith king
    Appeared in episodes #102-106.
  red-armored priest
    Appeared in episodes #102-106.
  ogre king
    Appeared in episodes #103-106; wielded a huge pike.
  iron dwarf
    Appeared in episodes #104-106; might possibly be alive.

the grey dragon
  Never actually appeared, but was implied to exist during
episode #117, while the party explored the ruins amidst the
Sea of Dust.

wispy thing
  First appeared in episode #118, has followed Belphanior
ever since.  Apparently unable to be harmed by conventional
means, it has also exhibited the ability to plane travel
and to unerringly locate the party.  May be sentient.

the Balor (RIP on this plane for ??? years)
  A type VI demon that decimated the party in episode #119;
finally slain by Peldor.

the grey cat
  Ged's familiar, first appeared in episode #120.  Went on
adventures with the party until episode #149; now it stays
in Ged's castle and kills rats while he's away.

anonymous lich #1 (RIP)
  Found in Zagyg's dungeons in episode #123, it was slain
by Ged and Lightbringer.

anonymous lich #2
  Wanted the party to sign the logbook at the entrance to
the deepest level of Zagyg's dungeon.

the evil priest of Hextor (RIP)
  One of two allies of General Zog, in episodes #147-148.
Slain by Mongo.

the red-robed evil elf (RIP)
  The other of Zog's allies, appeared in episodes #147-148
but escaped; later found and slain by the party in episode

the gynosphinxes
  Assaulted the party with riddles in episode #152.

anonymous lich #3
  Summoned by Belphanior's trumpet of doom, in episode #155;
it was left behind as the party fled.  Should be considered
armed and extremely dangerous.

anonymous black dragon
  Flew by the party in episode #156, and ended up damaging
Ged's magical sky balloon before flying on.


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